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Alta Laksefiskeri Interessentskap (ALI) holds all the rights to the fishing in the Alta River.
The fishing season is from June 01 to August 31.
From Sept. 01 to Sept. 15 you can fish for sea trout only, in the lower parts of the river. From June 01 to June 23 an unlimited number of fishing licenses are sold to residents of Alta. People from outside Alta may buy licenses for a set amount of days. From 2014 There are some New rules regards the early Fishing, you find it under information. 
and you have to know at least one person who live in Alta, Kautokeino or Loppa that you have as a contact.
Between June 23 and August 31, the fishing is restricted.
There are two types of licenses, ie “exclusive” licenses (expensive), and ones for a set amount of days: one or two days in June and July, and three or six days in August.
All the licenses are sold through a lottery. There is one lottery for the locals and another one for people from outside the Alta region. People who wish to enter the lottery must pay a fee, which, for the 2015 lottery is NOKr. 400 pr. person. These money are not paid back.
Under "utenbysfiske - info - fiske etter St. Hans" you find details about how to do the registration. You also find the prices for the licenses.
OBS!!!  Normally less than 10% of the people participating in the lottery get the opportunity to buy a license each year. We sell licenses to around 80 persons and everyone gets at least 2 days fishing.
We ask people living outside Norway to do online registration on this site!
You find the registration form on the left hand menu under
Påmelding kortkjøp- Utenbys 2015
Everyone who is buying fishinglicense in the rivers of Norway also have to pay a Fishing fee, 
 you can do that on this site :
The exclusive fishing rights are sold to five syndicates. These syndicates have their own rules for how to become a member.
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